Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Iran: antagonizing situation at the top of the regime

NCRI - On November 27th 2016, the state run Newspaper ‘Jomhoori’ in an editorial wrote about the "political ethics" and expressed its concern about the existing disagreement in the Iranian regime.
Having fear in this regard, The Newspaper writes:"the existing disagreement among all authorities with different positions is commonplace and inevitable but bringing the dispute to the public and media is not acceptable to anyone. The more the heads of three branches of government have the disagreement, the more the situation becomes unacceptable and dangerous."
The editor in chief of the Newspaper stated with pleading tone and added:"you can have a meeting with each other, resolve issues and express your complaints to each other. Then why you drag it to the media?"
The Newspaper also writes:"the problem is that the head of the coordinating council of a province goes against an MP for having a different viewpoint and says: “If I were a judge, I would have passed a death penalty against him!” It is not acceptable that the Parliament of Iran likens an MP to a particular animal and call him ISIS or Zionist."
Then the article goes on to say: “we must admit that our society is declining in terms of political ethics and unfortunately not only the government authorities are irresponsible in preserving political ethics but also play a role in deteriorating the situation."

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