Saturday, December 31, 2016

Iran: Arash Sadeghi's Health Deterioration in the Sixty-Eighth Day of Hunger Strike

NCRI - International Demand for the release of political prisoner "Arash Sadeghi" made the first topic in twitter worldwide trending today.
Political prisoner, Arash Sadeghi is in the sixty-eighth day of his hunger strike his physical condition has been reported as "very grave”.
Yesterday due to a sharp drop in blood pressure. "6 -5" and severe stomach pain and palpitations and shortness of breath he lost consciousness for about two minutes and was transferred to the infirmary.
Doctors expressed concern about Arash Sadeghi’s health situation and asked him to get serum but he refused and was returned to the ward after a few hours.
According to the coroner's report after carefully examining his situation the risk of coma and even death in imminent.

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