Thursday, December 29, 2016

NCRI President-Elect Maryam Rajavi Extends Christmas Greetings

NCRI President-Elect Maryam Rajavi Extends Christmas Greetings

Posted on December 24, 2016 by Siavosh Hosseini in Iran Resistance, News
Ms. Rajavi sent her greetings to Iranian Christians and those around the world who are celebrating the birth of Christ this December. “Christmas is a day of joy, hope and salvation of mankind. We also admire the Virgin Mary on this day, who inspires all women, particularly the oppressed women of the world,” said Rajavi in her opening remarks.

Referencing the scripture where Jesus said that his followers should love their neighbors, Rajavi drew attention to the Iranian Resistance, whose goals include establishing a society based on freedom, equality and separation of religion and state in Iran. “This is why many Christians from all across the world support the Iranian Resistance,” said Ms. Rajavi. “In the future, Iran followers of all religions, including Christians are equal and free and no longer harassed.”

Ms. Rajavi also the current situations within the Middle East. One such hot spot is Aleppo, Syria. “The fact is that Aleppo has been occupied by the IRGC (Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Quds Force) and its mercenaries,” said the People’s Mujahedeen of Iran (MEK), which is the largest opposition group to Iran’s ruling mullahs. “Mass executions, preventing the transfer of the civilians, including women and children, and attacking civilians has all been done by the forces of the mullahs’ regime.”

Reports sent to the Washington Times indicate that Iran has a hand in the current situation of Syria, with an army that numbers up to 25,000 in Iranian and militia troops, which includes homegrown mercenaries from Syria who have received cash from Iran by means of the Syrian government.

“Tehran’s actions show a complicity in the most atrocious war crimes and crimes against humanity in the 21st century,” said Ms. Rajavi. The situation in Syria continues to worsen. “On this Christmas Eve, we wish that the liberating message of Jesus Christ would embrace my oppressed people. With the same hope, I wish a happy New Year in 2017 for all nations, especially in the Middle East and the innocent people of Syria,” said Ms. Rajavi.

Earlier in the month, international demonstrations were held in support of the Syrian people with active participation from the supporters of the NCRI. Representatives from French organizations, Doctors Without Borders, and a large number of French people and personalities also joined the demonstrations. They called for the eviction of the Iranian regime’s militia from Aleppo in a protest letter.

The U.N. puts the overall death toll in Syria’s civil war at 400,000. More than 30,000 have died in the fight for Aleppo, which is the last urban rebel holdout against Bashar Assad’s government. Syrian government troops have been reported as scarce, meaning that Iran’s troops and mercenaries are the main force in Aleppo. The U.N. has approved putting monitors in Syria to try to protect innocents fleeing Aleppo.

“By meddling in other countries, the mullahs try to cover up their vulnerability at home. The survival of the regime has been intertwined with the maintaining the Assad dictatorship in power in Syria,” said Shahin Gobadi, MEK’s spokesman in Paris. Conferences and gatherings throughout the year have included global leaders speaking out against the nuclear deal with Iran and other peace talks that have emboldened the regime, but not addressed the oppression of human rights within the country.

Ms. Rajavi called for peace for all nations in the new year. “I call on every one to join in solidarity with the Iranian people’s Resistance, for freedom and democracy, and to start a new chapter in the life of all the peoples of the region,” said Ms. Rajavi.

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