Saturday, December 31, 2016

Turkey's Foreign Minister: Hezbollah Must Leave Syria and Go Back to Lebanon

NCRI - Turkey’s foreign minister, Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, in an interview with Turkey’s TV called for removal of Hezbollah militants, affiliated to the mullahs’ regime ruling Iran, from Syria and emphasized: “All foreign militias must leave Syria. Hezbollah must go back to Lebanon.”
According to Turkish Anadolu news agency, Turkey’s foreign minister rejected negotiation with Assad regime and added: “Turkey rules out talks with Assad ... We continue to believe the Syrian regime, which led the death of 600 thousand people, cannot realize the political transition.”
Çavuşoğlu (Chavushoglu) welcomed the ceasefire and said terrorist organizations, designated by the UN Security Council, are not subject to this agreement. Turkey’s foreign minister in his statement published in the ministry’s official site said: “The parties of the agreement are committed to stop all attacks, including air strikes, and refrain from expanding the territories under their control...”
According to Associated Press (AP), the Syrian National Coalition announced that they support the nationwide ceasefire and the Syrian combatants adhere to the agreement, but they will defend themselves if Assad regime and its allies violate the ceasefire. Ahmad Ramazan of the Syrian Opposition Coalition told AP the agreement includes airstrike and shelling.
In addition, legal advisor of the Syrian Free Army said: “The nationwide ceasefire does not exclude any areas controlled by combatants or any other groups.
Osama Abu Zeid told reporters in Turkey that 13 armed organizations have announced the cease-fire agreement. “Peace talks will be conducted on the basis of the 2012Geneva Declaration... and (Bashar) al-Assad will have no place in the future of Syria,” he added.

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