Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Iran: Satellite TV Jamming, Carried out by Military and Law Enforcement Organizations, Says Regime's MP

NJCRI - While confirming the reports over the health issues raised by use of jamming equipments, an Iranian regime’s MP from Shiraz said that the jamming signals are sent by military and law enforcement organizations in the city.
In an interview with state-run ILNA news agency on March 27, Aliakbari said that what people in Shiraz say about jamming signals is true and that some domestic TV and radio channels are also received with difficulty due to jamming of satellite broadcasts.
In response to concerns raised by Shiraz representatives, however, regime’s public broadcasting officials have claimed that difficulty in receiving domestic channels is due to some structural changes made in TV and radio networks, a problem that will continue until next month, according to Aliakbari.
“Since the telecommunication company says that they’re unaware of the jamming activities and political entities also say that they have done nothing in this regard, so it could only be military and law enforcement organizations that are responsible for sending these jamming signals”, he added.
By pointing to military organizations, the MP have probably meant the Revolutionary Guards.
There have already been reports on Revolutionary Guards’ satellite jamming attempts in different Iranian cities, including the capital Tehran.
Some media as well as Shiraz representatives in the parliament reported January this year on widespread headache among people and disruption in mobile and TV signals in the city, which according to some websites are due to increased amount of jamming signals in the city.
In this connection, Shiraz Representative Masoud Rezaee acknowledged on January 1 that increased amount of jamming signals in Shiraz, particularly in western part of the city, has put people’s health in danger, given rise to widespread headache among them.
To protest against increased jamming signals, a number of Shiraz residents held a rally in front of the headquarters of the governor of Fars province on January 16 and 17 this year, during which the demonstrators protested against regime officials who gave irrelevant responses to their concerns, and also clashed with law enforcement forces who were trying to disperse them. The protesters also chanted slogans in the rally, demanding that jamming in Shiraz be stopped.
On November 30, 2014, regime’s Minister of Communications and IT ‘Mahmoud Vaezi’ had pointed to a joint report on jamming activities, provided by five Ministries and government organizations and handed over to Hassan Rouhani, saying that parts of those activities were not monitored by his Ministry. The details of the report, however, have not yet been released.
Meanwhile, state media have also quoted experts as calling jamming signals ‘silent killer of citizens’, saying “experts believe that electromagnetic waves have devastating effects on human body.”
Earlier, Shiraz residents had revealed on social networks details of regime’s jamming equipments installed by Revolutionary Guards in Mount Derak around Shiraz, saying “Mator-8 is the name of the device used for emitting jamming signals. It has been bought from China for eight million dollars and installed in Mount Derak by the Revolutionary Guards. The intensity of the emitted waves by the device is so high that they cover 400 kilometers beyond Fars province borders.” According to Fars province’s Medical Sciences Organization, the signals emitted by the device will give rise to 24000 cancer cases within the next two years.
Satellite jamming aimed at disrupting reception of news and non-news satellite channels began since 2001, reaching its peak in 2009 following widespread protests against the results of the presidential election, and it is still being practiced. Several reports have been released since then on how jamming signals are endangering people’s health.
In this regard, Reza Malekzadeh, Ministry of Health’s vice-president for research, had said on December 22, 2016, that “recent studies show that jamming signals and waves have side effects and can increase the risk of cancer.”
Following the May-93 storm in Tehran, Iran Meteorological Organization announced in a report to parliament that it was unable to predict the storm due to presence of jamming signals.

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