Thursday, May 31, 2018

Iran: More women identified among arrestees in Ahwaz protests

More names of women arrested during Ahwaz protests in late March have been made public.
Khadijeh Neasi and Ayesheh Neasi who had been arrested on March 29, 2018, during protests in Ahwaz, were released on 200,000-touman bails on Sunday, May 27, 2018. It has also been reported that Najieh Sharhani (Tarafi) has been released on bail.
Laila Bervayeh, Ezzat Ka’abi, and Nadia Mohammadipour (Hamidi) are also among the women arrested in the late March protests in Ahwaz and presently detained in the Sepidar Prison of Ahwaz. There is no information on their situation.
It is said that 15 women who have been arrested during the protests are imprisoned in the women’s ward of Sepidar Prison.

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