Monday, May 7, 2018

Iran; National University students protest

Iran; National University students protest

Iran, PMOI/MEK, 6 May 2018 – The National University students on Sunday, May 6th staged a sit-in protest in the campus objecting to a plan to charge the students in a public university. They also protested the new law and lack of a student council that can get to the problems the student face every day.
The students had placards in their hands which read "we are out of job and can't afford to pay tuition fees in a public University.
National (Melli) University is one of the most prestigious public universities in Iran.

Students from different universities of Iran believe that public universities are trying to make money and are becoming enterprises. They see this issue in all areas of their university.

A student states in this regard that when college students, with low-ranking grades and only by paying a fee, attend national universities, given the growing ability of these students to be admitted year after year, the quality of education gets jeopardized and the only motivation that can be said for this matter is be nothing but taking money from students.

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