Monday, June 25, 2018

Monday's Iran Mini Report - June 25, 2018

Monday's Iran Mini Report - June 25, 2018

 Iranian currency plunges to new lows as U.S. sanctions loom
The Iranian rial plunged to a record low against the U.S. dollar on the unofficial market on Sunday, continuing its slide amid fears of returning U.S. sanctions after President Donald Trump in May withdrew from a deal on Tehran’s nuclear program.
The dollar was being offered for as much as 87,000 rials, compared to around 75,500 on Thursday, the last trading day before Iran’s weekend, according to foreign exchange, which tracks the unofficial market.
Iran’s news agency ISNA said the dollar had climbed to 87,000 rials on Sunday from about 74,000 before the weekend on the black market, and several Iranian websites carried similar reports.
• Human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh rejected her bail of 650m toomans
Human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh rejected her bail of 650 million toomans ($150,000). She has been imprisoned on the charge of propaganda against the state for defending protesters against the compulsory veil but refused to go free on bail of 650m.
Mr. Khandan said, "My wife believes the charges against her are unfounded and fabricated, and the bail bond unproportioned. She is presently detained in the general ward for women in Evin Prison."
• Iran Deputy FM: Nuclear deal (JCPOA) in ICU
June 23, 2018 - In recent remarks, Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araqchi has used a very interesting description for the current circumstances in regards to Iran’s nuclear deal with the international community.
“In a conference on Iran, I said the Iran nuclear deal is in the ICU because it has lost its most important balancing pillar. The balancing point tipped with the United States exiting the pact. Now, if Europe and other JCPOA signatories seek to maintain this nuclear agreement they must place in further sacrifices, and especially compensate the U.S.’ absence and this country’s returning sanctions against Iran.
• Major Protest And Strike At Charsou Bazaar And Aladdin Mobile Market In Tehran, Iran
On Sunday, June 24, 2018, after the rise in the price of the dollar to 9,000 toman, shopkeepers and merchants of the Aladdin Mobile Market closed down their shops one by one and moved to the Charsou Bazaar in Tehran, Iran.
Some of the protesters moved from Jomhuri Avenue to Baharestan Square. While heading to the Square, the merchants and shopkeepers called on other shopkeepers from Aladdin and Charsou Markets to join the protest.
• Eighth Day of Strike of Workers in Takestan, Iran
On Sunday, June 24, 2018, the workers of the Pars Millang Factory in Takestan, Qazvin province of Iran, continued their strike to protest the nonpayment of their 4-month salaries for the eighth consecutive day.
Workers were faced with invasion and attacks by the authorities after their protests and were told that nobody has the right to protest for up to three months. It has also been said that the situation is the same and that anyone who does not work can come and settle it with the factory authorities.
• Protest Rally by Part-Time Teachers in Front of Parliament in Tehran
On Sunday, June 24, 2018, a group of part-time teachers protested against their employment status in a protest rally in front of the Iranian parliament in Tehran.
The protesting teachers demanded a change in their employment situation and the urgent approval for the immediate adherence of an article to the law on the assignment of part-time teachers and educators of the literacy movement by Iranian parliamentarians.

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