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Iran Regime’s Close Relationship With Al Qaeda

Iran Regime’s Close Relationship With Al Qaeda

By Staff Writer
It is now known that Iranian regime was involved in the planning of the 9/11 attacks in 2001, but the links between Iran and al Qaeda go back years before this. Thomas Joscelyn has written about the main events and the history between the two.
Two decades ago, al Qaeda carried out two attacks that Iran showed it how to do. It drove two trucks filled with bombs into the U.S. embassies in Tanzania and Kenya killing 224 and wounding thousands. In 1998, the government of the United Sates indicted several members of al Qaeda for its involvement in the attacks. It recognised that al Qaeda allied with the government of Iran and proxy terrorist group Hezbollah to work against their enemies in the West. It noted that the United States was a particular target.
A couple of witnesses, one of who defected from al Qaeda, confirmed that several members went to Lebanon where they were trained in explosives. They came back and trained other members how to bomb major buildings.
Iranian Regime and al Qaeda started cooperating in the early nineties when bin Laden was staying in Sudan. He was trying to establish an “Islamic Army” made up of Sunni groups.
One former member of al Qaeda also confirmed that the group had targets in Nairobi under surveillance on the orders of bin Laden. The targets were from Israel, the United States, France and the United Kingdom.
The same member explained that he arranged security for meetings between the chief of Hezbollah and bin Laden. He said that Iran supplied explosives that could pass for rocks and stones.
Joscelyn also explained that the 9/11 Commission, in 2004, concluded that Iran gave al Qaeda the expertise needed to carry out the bombings on the embassies. The report claimed that members of al Qaeda went to Iran for training in explosives, intelligence and security and that bin Laden was particularly interested in using truck bombs. It also pointed out that the so-called Sunni-Shia tension did not stand in the way of terrorist attack planning.
Iran was involved in the planning of the embassy attacks and a U.S. district court issued a default judgement against it for showing al Qaeda how to carry them out.
It was later discovered in documents that were made public (although heavily redacted) that U.S. intelligence knew about the links between al Qaeda and Iran around 18 months before the bombings.
A report indicated that the Iranian Regime and al Qaeda collaborated on both a military and political basis with the main aim of confronting the United States and Israel.
Some have said that pointing out the links between the two is just a way to justify war with Iran. However, the facts speak for themselves. Al Qaeda operatives have been given a safe haven in Iran. One such person is Saif al-Adel who is wanted by the FBI for his role in the embassy bombings. He is still living in impunity that has been facilitated by the Iranian Regime.

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