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The Iranian regime’s fear of PMOI’s growing influence

The Iranian regime’s fear of PMOI’s growing influence

Iran, Aug.11, 2018 -There’s no denying that the Iranian regime is facing a growing number of escalating crises, ranging from nationwide protests to strikes and the international sanctions. But the main question is, which of these challenges is the Iranian regime’s main problem?
You can hear the answer to this question directly from the regime’s own authorities, who futilely try to avoid the main problem in their comments.
In a recent parliament meeting, MP Abdulkarim Hosseinzadeh expressed concern over the continuation of the Iranian protests and where they’re leading the regime. “Since December, we’ve seen continued protests in the country. Where are these protests leading us to?” he said.
But Ahmad Khatami, a cleric who regularly says Tehran’s Friday prayer sermons and serves as the speaker of the Assembly of Experts, is apparently not worried about the continuation of the protests. “We are fully aware of the problems of the people,” he said, referring to the economic grievances, high prices, rampant unemployment and government corruption that pushed the Iranian people in the streets. However he warned the Iranian people to be vigilant that “the anti-revolution” doesn’t ride the wave of protests, an indirect reference to the MEK.
Mohsen Ghayourian, a cleric from the so-called reformist camp, was more explicit in his comments and said, “The MEK are trying to take advantage of the situation.”
Ali Qassemi, an IRGC commander, took the point further, saying, “We have an MEK problem. We must not be caught unawares.” He added, “They have infiltrated some our organizations, the ranks of the IRGC and the clergy.”
Abbas Abdi, another key person in so-called reformist camp, referred to two key facts that should raise concern among the regime’s authorities: organization and planning.
“These protests have continued since December. But in comparison to December, recent protests are more organized. Recent protests are a combination of people’s dissatisfaction and planning by foreign political groups.”
At the center of the fears of these officials is the MEK, which has had a major role in “organizing” and “planning” protests.
Ali Khoram, a former Iranian regime diplomat, said, “Since December, unrests have been flaring in the open and slogans are directly aimed at the government. Dissatisfaction is at a very high level.” In this regard he warned Iranian regime’s president Hassan Rouhani, “We must perceive negotiations with Donald Trump as an opportunity to bring back stability to the country.”
In a recent parliament meeting assembled for the impeachment of Rouhani’s labor minister, MP Hassan Noruzi expressed fear that the MEK are calling for nationwide protests.
Ali Rabie, the deposed labor minister said, “In the past 40 years, I’ve seen many crises. I remember that one day, 12 thousand MEK supporters paraded in Tehran, and thousands in other cities.”
It’s no wonder that the regime’s authorities are afraid of the “MEK problem” and their capacity to “organize” and “plan” protests.

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