Sunday, October 28, 2018

Iran: PMOI/MEK network continuing anti-regime measures, praising ancient leader

Iran: PMOI/MEK network continuing anti-regime measures, praising ancient leader

Reported by PMOI/MEK


Iran, Oct. 28, 2018 - Resistance Units associated to the Iranian opposition People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) are seen increasing their anti-regime activities and praising Cyrus the Great, an ancient king of Iran known for being the author of the world’s first human rights charter.

Members of Resistance Unit 681 in Qazvin, northwest Iran, set fire to a large banner of Iranian regime Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. Video footage shows this banner being near a highway.

Members of Resistance Unit 705 in Marvdasht, south-central Iran, put up posters of Iranian Resistance leader Massoud Rajavi, Iranian opposition coalition NCRI President Maryam Rajavi, former prime minister Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh and the tombstone of Cyprus the Great.
These bared sentences such as, “We shall fight, we may die, yet we will take Iran back.”
In Tabriz, northwest Iran, Resistance Unit 831 members put up posters of Massoud Rajavi and the PMOI/MEK symbol flag.

 Members of Resistance Unit 893, also in Tabriz, put up posters of Maryam Rajavi’s ten-point planfor a future free Iran.

In Tehran, members of Resistance Unit 1000 put up posters of Mossadegh and images of Cyprus’ human rights charter.

In Omidiyeh, members of Resistance Unit 423 put posters reading, “Death to Khamenei, Hail to Rajavi.”

Member of Resistance Unit 994 in Fasa, south-central Iran, put up a poster commemorating Mosadeq and Cyprus the Great.

In Baluchistan, southeast Iran, members of a resistance unit put posters of the PMOI/MEK flag.

In Isfahan, central Iran, members of a resistance unit wrote “Death to Khamenei” on a street.
In Yazd, central Iran, members of a resistance unit put posters of Maryam Rajavi saying we must free Iran from the mullahs’ rule.
In Kerman, south-central Iran, members of a resistance unit were seen destroying an image of Iranian regime founder Ruhollah Khomeini.
In Mashhad, northeast Iran, resistance unit members put up posters condemning Khamenei for his role in the 1988 massacre of over 30,000 political prisoners, mostly PMOI/MEK members and supporters.

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