Sunday, December 30, 2018

Female political prisoner Zeinab Jalalian is denied family visits

Female political prisoner Zeinab Jalalian
Female political prisoner Zeinab Jalalian has been deprived of her weekly family visits since December 24, 2018.
In addition to the pressure and denial of medical treatment, the prison authorities recently rejected Zeinab’s request for medical treatment outside of prison.
Female political prisoner Zeinab Jalalian is a Kurdish woman sentenced to life imprisonment in Khoy Prison.
She was transferred to the prison’s infirmary last week due to severe kidney pain. Doctors said she should receive medical treatment outside prison due to a lack of sufficient medical facilities inside the prison. However, her transfer was objected by prison authorities.
The Kurdish female political prisoner has been on a medicine strike for a year in protest to the lack of medical treatment in prison, and is in critical condition.
Last August, in an open letter about being denied medical care and access to medical facilities, Zeinab Jalalian wrote, "First, my eyes became weak, and afterwards my kidneys, my lungs, my blood pressure, and then my mouth began foaming, and eventually my teeth were damaged and infected. I have been forced to endure intense pain. As a political prisoner, I have no rights.”
She added, “I knew that if I requested treatment, I would not receive any answers, just like now. No one and nothing is strong enough to prevent me from achieving my goals. On my own, I will be stronger than ever and I will continue my path."
Female political prisoner Zeinab Jalalian is also constantly being harassed. On Wednesday, November 28, 2018, several of the Khoy Prison agents went into the women’s ward and, without any explanation, inspected the bed of political prisoner Zeinab Jalalian. They then seized all her personal belongings, including blankets, clothes, books and manuscripts.
In a call for urgent action on June 15, 2018, Amnesty International said Zeinab Jalalian is being subjected to torture by blocking her access to medical care.

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