Friday, March 1, 2019

Iranian MP calls for the dissolution of the government

Iranian MP calls for the dissolution of the government

March 1, 2019 - Mohammad Dehghan, a member of the Iranian regime’s Majlis (parliament), revealed more details of the ongoing feuds and infightings between rivaling ruling factions. “The situation of the country is not good and some of our colleagues in the Majlis believe that if the government dissolves today, it’s better than tomorrow,” Dehghan said.
“A path that goes through the impeachment of the president through the Majlis will have very heavy costs and it might cause instability in the country. The final decision will be up to [Iranian regime supreme leader Ali] Khamenei, and until now, his perspective has been that the country should not be destabilized,” Dehghan further said.
Dehghan’s remarks come at a time that rivaling factions in the regime are at each other’s throat over various critical issues, including the fate of the nuclear deal forged with world powers in 2015 and the pending ratification of anti-money laundering rules, a requirement that will enable Tehran to have better access to trade with other states but will also constrain its ability to fund terrorist proxy groups in other nations.
While admitting to the regime’s deadlock and unsolvable crises, Dehghan said, “Our past experience makes us ponder, should we move toward hard behavior toward the government or not? The Majlis doesn’t even have the authority for soft behavior and it’s the president himself who must decide whether he can run the country in the current circumstances.”
In another part of his speech, Dehghan concluded, “The president must stay, but the persons who have caused severe problems for the country must go, and the economy ministers of the cabinet must change.”
Dehghan also alluded to the financial corruption that is plaguing the regime and said, “Some people have been holding different positions in the government for 30 years and have amassed billions of tomans in wealth.”

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