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Iran’s regime and the FATF dilemma

Iran’s regime and the FATF dilemma

Iran, June 4, 2018 - The Iranian regime’s parliament erupted in major disputes on May 27thas a variety of members were involved in a heated discussion over the FATF.
Founded in 1989, the Financial Action Task Force is an international government organization aiming TO combat money laundering, especially by rogue states. Iran’s regime succumbing to international demands of signing into this framework will result in grave consequences. Refusing to do so has the potential of inviting, even more, punishing sanctions for Tehran.
Despite efforts by Iranian regime president Hassan Rouhani and parliamentary speaker Ali Larijani to have the bill adopted quickly, various members of parliament were seen fiercely preventing any such step forward.
Mojtaba Zolnour reminded Rouhani how Iranian regime supreme leader Ali Khamenei has always been very concerned over talks.
“In your remarks, you referred to [the U.S. pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal] will resolve everything. After all the recent developments, you have wasted the opportunity we had in the region,” he said.
Those members of Rouhani’s faction continuously reminded others of Khamenei always blessing the nuclear talks himself and no steps were taken without his approval. This is where Iran’s hardliners are left empty-handed and the entire regime realizes they’re all in the same boat.
Despite the arguments, clear is the fact that the Iranian regime in its entirety is facing a major impasse.
“Iran’s Islamic revolution is facing a historical development and is on the verge of being tested to the utmost extent,” said one member of the regime’s parliament.
Taking one step further, it is important to realize that this regime lacks the will to resolve its increasing and intensifying crises.
The reality of this status quo is not an issue acknowledged today merely by this or that faction, or various elements in different ranks and files.
This is a subject underscored time and again by the Iranian opposition, the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) throughout the past four decades.
What remains interesting is the fact that countries continuing their appeasement policy remain in search of their own short-term interests. This, however, goes against the interests of the people in Iran and across the region.
Truly, the time has come for these countries to start thinking about their long-term benefits, and their own security, to confront the Iranian regime’s long slate of belligerence.

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