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Thursday's Iran Mini Report - June 07, 2018

Thursday's Iran Mini Report - June 07, 2018

TABRIZ, Iran. June 6, 2018. Airport's computer system was hacked by protesters and this message appeared on the wide screens
We, the ''Tapandegan", in another act of protest, are at this very moment dominating the airport's computer system. two weeks ago to portest the destruction of the lives and wealth of the Iranian people by the Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), we dominated the Mashhad airport systems, and today we are expressing our support for the strikers.
How long will the government ignore people's demands for recovering the economic situation? when?
Our voices will not remain silenced any more and we will continue the same actions.
If you are sympathatic to us, take pictures and share, the hashtags are: #nationwide- strike and #Truckers-strike
• Boeing says it will not deliver any aircraft to Iran
Boeing will not deliver aircraft to Iran in light of US sanctions, effectively aborting a pair of large contracts with Iranian carriers, a Boeing spokesman said today. "We have not delivered any aircraft to Iran, and given we no longer have a license to sell to Iran at this time, we will not be delivering any aircraft," the Boeing spokesman said.
• Report says Obama “misled” Congress on Iran currency
A report prepared by a Senate panel chaired by Sen. Rob Portman of Ohio claims the Obama administration “misled” Congress by attempting to help Iran gain access to the U.S. financial system.
Although the report concludes Iran never did win access to U.S. banks or U.S. dollars, the report claims officials of the U.S. Treasury Department drafted a license to allow Iran to convert billions of dollars — which had been frozen internationally — into Iranian currency.
• French car equipment lobby group cancels July trip to Iran
France’s FIEV car equipment lobby group has canceled a July trip to Iran in light of current tensions between the United States and other European powers over a 2015 Iran nuclear deal.
“The trip has been canceled and replaced instead by a meeting in France of our Iran club, so that we can reflect upon how to proceed in light of current events,” said FIEV president Jacques Mauge.
• Iran Only Allows 20 Government-Approved Lawyers to Represent Activists Charged With Political or Media 'Crimes'
the judiciary of Iran will only allow a group of 20 lawyers to represent individuals charged with “national or international security crimes, political and media crimes,” charges often brought against activists and journalists.
Despite the fact that Tehran has more than 20,000 lawyers registered with its bar association, only the select group of government-approved defenders will be able to represent activists and others critical of the state during the investigative stage of a case, Human Rights Watch (HRW) reported.
• Zeinab Jalalian denied treatment despite progress of illnesses
The general conditions of political prisoner Zeinab Jalalian has deteriorated in the Prison of Khoy, in northwestern Iran, and she continues to be denied medical treatment despite progress of her illnesses.
According to reports on June 5, 2018, Kurdish political prisoner Zeinab Jalalian who suffers from pterygium, canker sores in her mouth and serious infection, is still denied medical care and treatment.
• No news on young woman arrested during uprising in Kermanshah
Five months on, no news is available on the conditions of a young woman, Mitra Alizadeh, arrested on December 29, 2017, during the uprising in Kermanshah, western Iran.
According to recently published information, Mitra Alizadeh was arrested by agents of Kermanshah’s Intelligence Department during the unrests on December 29, 2017, and taken to an unknown location.
• Religious scholar calls for action to enforce the mandatory veil
One of the clerical regime's religious scholars urged the government to take action and "lead the way to solve the problem of Hijab."
Nasser Makarem Shirazi who was speaking to a Ramadan gathering in one of the seminaries in the Holy City of Qom said, "We must note that Hijab is a law; all the laws are obligatory, and people are obliged to follow them."

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