Saturday, August 4, 2018

Protests and clashes with mercenaries spread to various cities

Protests and clashes with mercenaries spread to various cities

Iran Uprising –No. 200

On Friday, August 3, various cities of the country, including Tehran, Karaj, Eshtehard, Isfahan, Ghahdariijan, Andimeshk, Mashhad, Shiraz, Hamedan, Kermanshah, etc. were host to the demonstration and expression of anger and disgust of the mullahs’ regime. The protests, which began at dusk, continued in many cities until midnight and turned into conflicts with mercenaries and repressive forces.
In the courageous uprising of the people and youth of Karaj, during the night, hundreds of protesters at Gohardasht T-junction protested chanting: “Cannon, tank, firecracker, Bassijis must be killed; Mullahs live like gods, while the people live in poverty.”
The repressive forces closed all the entrances leading to Gohardasht and targeted the protesters from the roofs of buildings or bridges by bullets. Furious youths clashed with the repressive forces and forced them to flee in a number of streets. They also burned the motorcycles left from those forces and punished a plainclothes agent and several other criminal mercenaries. Passing-by vehicles at Sepah square in Karaj expressed their solidarity with the brave youths of the city by blaring their horns. Since the mercenaries were not able to confront the youth, the regime supported them with more forces from other cities.
The angry youths of Ghahdarijan continued their protests on Thursday night and confronted the repressive forces’ attacks by barricading streets. They also took control over part of the streets. Basijis and anti-riot guard mercenaries wounded a number of people by firing at them.
The people of Isfahan, especially the angry youth of Shapur-e-Now, continued their protests and clashed with anti-riot guard mercenaries.
In Tehran, the spectators of the football match chanted slogans "Death to the Dictator” when they were leaving Azadi Stadium. 
In Mashhad, the arisen young people demonstrated at Mellat par with the slogan "Death to the Dictator", “Do not be afraid, do not be afraid; we are all together”. In the Emamat Street, people were chanting "Death to the Dictator". Several people were injured as a result of the tear gas.
The people of Hamedan protested with the slogans: “Death to the Dictator”, and “Death to the Basijis”.
The people of Kermanshah chanted: “Cannon, tank, firecracker, the mullahs must be killed”.
Quoting the criminal mullah Hendiani, head of Eshtehard seminary, IRGC news agency (FARS) wrote on August 4th regarding the uprising of the people in this city: “It was exactly 9 o'clock p.m. when the rioters moved to the Eshtehard Seminary… they targeted the front of the Mahdasht Seminary with stones and bricks… it was at Maghrib Azan (dusk) when the rioters gathered in front of the Seminary again; however, more than 500 people this time who were chanting hostile anti-regime slogans.” "Several of these people have been arrested and the operation of finding the rioters,” he added.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
August 4, 2018

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