Saturday, December 29, 2018

“Resistance Units” of opposition PMOI/MEK increasing activities across Iran

“Resistance Units” of opposition PMOI/MEK increasing activities across Iran

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Reported by PMOI/MEK


Iran, Dec. 29, 2018 - Members of the Iranian opposition People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) network inside Iran, known as the “Resistance Units,” are reporting increasing activities against the Iranian regime in numerous cities across the country.

On Friday, members of a resistance unit set fire to a poster of Iranian regime Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei located in an area very close to a Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) Basij base near the city of Zahedan, southeast Iran.

Members of Resistance Unit 515 in Mashhad, northeast Iran, set fire to a large IRGC poster containing images of Iranian regime founder Khomeini on Friday. This poster was located on the Mashhad-Bojnourd highway. They also left behind a written message saying, “Khamenei is a murderer, his rule is void – Hail to Rajavi,” referring to Iranian opposition leader Massoud Rajavi and President Maryam Rajavi.

Members of Resistance Unit 805 in Behshahr, northern Iran, set fire to the entrance of an IRGC Basij base in the Qare Tapeh district on Friday. They also left a message at the site reading, “Death to Khamenei, Hail to Rajavi.”
Khamenei, as the figure making the final decisions in Iran, has specifically expressed his deep concerns over escalating popular protests. Instead of responding to the people’s rightful demands and the demonstrators’ protests, he is continuously linking these measures to the “enemy” in a reference to the United States.
Khamenei claims Washington is imposing sanctions to provoke people into the streets for new demonstrations, clashes, unrest, and civil war.
“The enemy may launch a brouhaha during 2018, while their plans will be focusing on 2019,” he said on December 12.

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