Saturday, December 31, 2016

Member of the Syrian Opposition Coalition: Ceasefire in Syria Sends a Warning Message to Iran Regime

NCRI - “The ceasefire agreement between Russia and Turkey sends a warning message to the regime in Iran that it must take practical measures in the process of ceasefire in Syria and also remove its militias from Syria in the near future,” Nasr Hariri, member of the Syrian opposition coalition said.
In an interview with Al Arabiya on December 30, Nasr Hariri said: “Russia doesn’t want to show itself as a partner in what is happening in Syria and has tried to keep itself away from this role (involvement in the carnage and massacre of Syrian people) and wants to play the role of guardian and take a supervisory role. Russia wants to abandon (let go) the regime in Iran and also Assad regime as the parties responsible for the killings and crimes in Syria. So, Russia and Turkey are playing the role of guardian or mediator and placing Iran and Assad regimes and also Syrian opposition on a side where they have to give commitment and this is a clear sign and a warning message to Iran regime that it must take some actions for implementation of the ceasefire and in the future the regime must start removing its militias from Syria.”

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