Monday, June 11, 2018

Monday's Iran Mini Report - June 11, 2018

Monday's Iran Mini Report - June 11, 2018

• Iranian official: We protected al-Qaeda terrorists before 9/11
A top Iranian official has admitted for the first time that Iran knowingly helped al-Qaeda terrorists — including some of the 9/11 attackers — travel secretly through the Middle East.
“Their movements [through Iran] were under the complete supervision of the Iranian intelligence,” Mohammad-Javad Larijani said in a recently surfaced interview.
That was one of the main accusations leveled against Iran in the U.S. government’s 9/11 Commission Report, which named Iranian regime as a state sponsor of terrorism.
• G7 condemns Iran’s ballistic missile program and its support for terrorist groups
Leaders in this year’s G7 Summit, hosted by Canada, issued their final communique emphasizing the Iranian regime must not obtain nuclear weapons and condemning Tehran’s financial support for terrorism.
Considering the Iranian regime’s ballistic missile threat to international peace and security, these leaders are calling on this regime to halt its ballistic missile launches and other activities in violation of United Nations Security Council Resolution 2231 – and all its amendments, the statement explains.
• Iran’s regime postpones FATF approval
The Iranian regime’s so-called parliament postponed the approval of a bill calling for Tehran’s approval and entrance into the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) convention focusing on anti-money laundering measures.
The regime’s parliament members have agreed to postpone any review of this bill for at least two months until the result of negotiations with Europe are clarified. 138 yes votes over 103 votes against and six abstainers.
• Family Physicians in Shiraz, Iran Protest to Unpaid Salaries
On Sunday, June 10, 2018, family physicians held a protest rally in front of the Shiraz Medical Science building in Shiraz, Fars province of Iran due to the failure to receive their salaries.
It was reported that by conducting numerous comparative studies, the use of the first degree international advisers of the World Health Organization, the use of scientific and executive views of senior officials of the country would lead to the promotion of the general health of the community, but critics of the implementation of this project also had many problems with its sketches.
• Iran National Steel Industrial Group Workers Protest for Fifth Time in Ahvaz
On Saturday, June 9, 2018, the Iran National Steel Industrial Group workers gathered at the Ahvaz Governorate for the fifth time in protest to the situation of ownership and production and non-payment of their wages.
A few days after the transfer of ownership of the National Steel Group to the National Bank, the National Bank is killing time in taking hold of the company and no memorandum of understanding between the National Bank and Mousavi (the employer) has been signed, and all this information was taken without a reliable document.
• Women protest in Karaj, Rasht and Tehran
Iranian women participated in at least three protests in recent days in the cities of Karaj, Rasht and Tehran.
Women plundered by the Padideh Shandiz Institute participated in a protest outside the mullahs’ parliament in Tehran on Sunday, June 10, 2018.
Women plundered by the fraudulent Caspian Institute in Rasht (northern Iran) held a protest on Saturday, June 9, 2018, outside the Golsar branch and pelted stones at the institute’s entrance to show their protest.

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