Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Women workers of Mazandaran citrus gardens wounded in a road accident

Women workers of Mazandaran citrus gardens wounded in a road accident
Twenty-three women workers were injured in an accident in northern Iran when the minibus carrying them overturned into a water canal. The accident occurred on Monday, November 19, 2018, near the Tabaqdeh village on the fringe of the Islamabad city in Miandorud, Mazandaran Province.
A spokeswoman for the Emergency Department of Mazandaran told the state-run IRNA news agency that the accident was reported in the afternoon by the public. After sending an ambulance, 23 people, all of whom were women workers, were transferred to four hospitals in the nearby cities.
The women workers wounded in the accident all worked in a citrus garden and were on their way back home. (The state-run IRNA news agency – November 19, 2018)
The women workers work in citrus gardens as daily wage earners, and they do not receive any benefits or support in case of accidents at work or otherwise in a car accident.
Hardworking women workers go to work every day from different villages with minibuses or other vehicles and return to their villages at sunset.
Earlier, on April 15, 2018, a Nissan vehicle was overturned on the Lak Pol area of the Qaem Shahr – Babol road. Seven women workers were injured and transferred to the hospital. A government Emergency spokesperson said the cause of the car overturning was unknown, but all the wounded were taken to the hospital. (The state-run - April 15, 2018)
In terms of the number of deaths from road traffic accidents, Iran ranks eighth in the world with about 800,000 road accidents per year. 17,000 people died in accidents in 2017. Twenty-two percent of the victims or 3,500 were women. According to the regime officials, at least 43 people are killed daily on Iranian roads.

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